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All of our drivers are fully licensed and comply with current car scrappage laws

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Car Scrappage is here to help you scrap your car in Camelon hassle free. Our service provides a free quote alongside free scrap car collection as standard. We are a well-established car scrapping company who have successfully scrapped 1000’s of cars in Camelon leaving clients more than satisfied. Our Scotland scrap car merchants will give you the best price they possibly can, so there is no need to worry you are in good in hands. Appointments for car collection will depend on the availability of our evaluator and you. Once we’ve offered you a quote you will have as much time as you want to make a decision on scrapping your car or van.

We buy MOT Failures, written off cars, non running and unwanted vehicles in Camelon and the Scotland area. Our licensed waste carriers will complete the required legal paperwork and dispose of your unwanted car or scrap van quickly, responsibly and efficiently. We specialise in removing and disposing of unwanted scrap vehicles in the Scotland boundaries and beyond. We will assess your vehicle and offer you scrap car quote over the phone for any unwanted car. Our Camelon car scrappage scheme is applicable to old cars, rusty cars, mot failures, write offs, sorn’d cars, damaged cars, unwanted cars and any other type of car or van.

Scrap Car Quotes Camelon

Our target is to provide our Camelon customers with a quick scrap car quote at the best possible ates. Not only that, but you may want to get multiple quotes to compare quotes. Our evaluators are more than happy to give you a quote and wait for you to make your decision. This gives you the opportunity to browse around and make sure you get the best price for your scrap car or van.

It is so simple. All that we need is a few details about your vehicle and we can get our Camelon scrap car agent to contact you with the best prices for your scrap automobile. Our Camelon vehicle disposal service is easy and completely flexible, allowing us to scrap your car when it is convenient for you. Call us now on 0800 810 1015 if you are happy with you car scrappage quote then you can arrange a convenient removal time.

Scrapping your car does not have to be difficult or time consuming and has developed a quick and easy car scrappage scheme to help you to legally scrap your car. All it takes is 2 minutes of your time and you can receive a quote for your scrap car. All the prices that we offer for scrap cars are highly competitive too. We even offer a free collection from wherever your scrap vehicle is located.
Camelon vehicle disposal

Camelon Scrap Car Collection

All of our drivers carry a full waste carriers license which allows them to collect and scrap cars legally. So rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands our car scrappage process is 100% legal. Once you decide to scrap your car in Camelon with us, we will collect your vehicle from any location of your choice free of charge.

Our evaluators know the Camelon area well and you may be able to get an appointment for them to view your scrap vehicle on the same day you fill in our form or call us to receive a free quote. Whether you have a junk car or a scrap van, once you’ve made your mind up that you’d like a price, we can move fast, and our evaluators can set up an appointment. Our Camelon scrap car prices are the best rates and our goal is always to give you the best quote possible, so you can make a fast decision on scrapping your car.

Getting paid for your scrap car

Your payment will be given to you as a bank transfer or cheque on the same day as the car is collected. In addition to this, payment can be expected to be received even when the car is being scrapped. Our scrap car merchants will discuss payment methods with you and the process of how car scrapping works, so you are in safe hands we will take care of all the hard parts for you.

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Can I get paid cash for my scrap car?

There are a number of scrap a car companies in Camelon, but we recommend you check the credentials of anyone who offers you cash for your scrap car very carefully. There are laws regarding scrap that ensure that no scrap is brought using cash, if you are just selling are car to be used again the laws arent so strict but for car removals it’s important to be sure that the company you’re dealing with is completely above board to avoid repercussions from the DVLA in the future. Once you’ve decided to scrap your car with us, you’ll get your payment by bank transfer or cheque the same day we collect your car or van. Once the vehicle is in our possession you can expect to receive the payment for your scrap car as soon as possible

Changes in the law governing scrap metal have meant that it has become illegal to pay cash for items considered scrap. These laws have been introduced to stop metal theft and ensure that vehicles are also disposed of legally, so the majority of our payments are paid via instant bank transfer, however there are some rare instances where we can pay cash for cars, please ask the agent about this when you get your quote.

We'll buy any car in Camelon!

To get a car scrappage valuation, call us today on 0800 8101015 or fill in the form on this website.

With, you are in the right place to scrap your car for money today. We scrap cars and offer a free removal service for all your unwanted scrap cars in the Camelon area.

Please note: We need a log book for every scrap car, we do not scrap shells, caravans, lorries or motorbikes we only specialise in scrapping cars or vans.

Camelon Car recycling

2 million cars are recycled in the UK every year and over the last 5 years we have been responsible for 1,000's of disposals. The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers' Association promotes the biological worth of recycling cars. Most of what can be recycled from a car is steel, with 98% of the steel in an average car being recyclable.

Plastics in cars

Plastic is also a recyclable component of the motor vehicle, 11% of the average car today is plastic. After plastic, tyres are the subsequent bulk valued component of end-of-life motor vehicles that deficiency recycling. The EU has gone so far as to introduce a directive that sets ambitious targets for how many motor vehicles ought be recovered for parts and recycled.

European Car Scrappage Targets

By 2015, European places ought be reusing or recycling 85% of the material of each end-of-life vehicle. Apart from the recycling, the EU directive orders that motor vehicles be 'de-polluted' in the past the parts and the scrap metal are salvaged. We assist in this process by extracting pollutants like catalysts, brake liquefied, fuel, batteries and airbags from end-of-life vehicles.

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